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Welcome to the school website for Woodingdean Primary School. Our website, along with the school office, is the first stop for anything you may need. I hope you find it of great interest and that it provides you with lots of information and introduces you to the ways in which we work. We are constantly updating and refreshing pages so please check back.

We pride ourselves on being an open, creative and inclusive school. We all work hard, play hard and think our school is a fantastic place to be. If you have any questions, want to find out more or would like a tour please get in touch with Miss Mason at admin@woodingdean.brighton-hove.sch.uk - we would love to meet you and show you around.

Mr Jonathan Whitfield



Timings of our school day

Our Infant day:                                                                                            Our Junior day:

School starts at 8.45am                                                                          School starts at 8.45am

10.20am - 10.40am - Morning break                                                        10.30am - 10.45am - Morning break

11.50am - 12.50pm - Lunch time                                                              12.10pm - 1.10pm - Lunch time

1.50pm - 2.05pm - Afternoon break                                                           School finishes at 3.10pm

School finishes at 3.05pm


During Governor day we asked the children the following question...

Would you recommed our school to a new child moving into the area?

95% of the children said..... YES!

'The school is excellent and cool'

'I think the school is great'

'It's a good school and hopefully they will like it'

'This school is amazing'

'I think you'd love it here'

'The school is really fun'

'It's got a great atmosphere'

'It's a wonderful place where children learn and play together'


A big thank you to all of you who completed our most recent parent survey completed in March 2016. Our school is a wonderful place and we are happy that you continue to think the same:

My child is happy at school 93%

My child feels safe at school 95%

My child makes good progress at school 91%

My child is taught well at school 96%



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PUPIL SURVEY 2015/2016

89% of pupils enjoy school

87% of pupils think school helps them be healthy

93% of pupils feel safe at school

95% of pupils learn a lot in lessons

82% think behaviour is good

96% of pupils think adults care about them

90% think adults listen and are interested

84% of puils know how well they ar doing

96% of pupils say their teacher lets them know how to get better

94% think the adults in charge do a good job

94% of pupils would reccomend this school 


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